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Piye Leadership Academy


by Kush, Inc.

EduTech is learning using modern technologies. Simply put, we learn using the same tools and resources that we use in our daily routines. So, whether you're Team Android or Team IPhone, an avid tablet or laptop user, or like to cast to your flat screen... we can ensure that you develop the skills necessary to manifest a life that no one could ever imagine.

Youth Leadership Council

By Kush, Inc.

The Kush, Inc. Youth Leadership Council provides practical leadership skills and social responsibility training to youth ages 11-24. We prepare our youth to organize and mobilize their peers to catalyze global changes. Start your leadership journey today.
Youth Leadership Council

Ujuzi wa kibinafsi ni nguvu

Knowledge of Self is Power

Youth have the technological knowledge needed to manifest their individual destinies. However, it is impossible to manifest destiny without knowing who your are. The Know Thy Self program taps into your intra-personality and assists with discovering who you are and unlocking the divine power that lies within.

Young Moguls

Hussle, Build, Manifest.

So you go to school, earn a degree, get hired by a top 5 corporation, work 30+ years, and retire to enjoy the rest of your life? This is no longer the way it works; and, being honest, no one is going to hire you, pay you what you need to live the life that you deserve, and accommodate your schedule. But in 8 sessions, YOU can! The Young Moguls Program teaches entrepreneurship skills, while building your brand and developing your personal blueprint for success in just 8 sessions.

Embracing Me

For Her

EMBRACING ME is a Rites of Passage Program that teaches practical culture and life skills. You will discover your heritage, explore your culture, discover many things to LOVE about yourself, and develop an easy to follow life plan for Manifesting your own destiny.


Learn, Look Good, and Make Money.

So let's be 100! We live in the "Image is Everything" era, and no image is right without products that ensure that you look and feel great. #edgepoppin is haircare line and business program for you, by your peers. You'll use the products to stay fly and sell them to gat paid, all while learning entrepreneurship skills and developing your business.

Your Future is Now.

Email us and start your future today.